Project Profile

Project Profile

The primary objective of entrepreneur is personal economic gain. He is looking for a situation in which he can invest his capital and his talent for profit. The possible project at any given time dictates the preparation of project profile and subsequently project feasibility studies.

For this reason Sindh Small Industries Corporation has presented this set of Project Profiles of small scale industries for the guidance of investors. This book contains guide-line with respect to introduction to industries, average estimated cost of project, financial plan and estimated annual return on investment. The profiles have references to

  1. Technical
  2. Economic
  3. Financial
  4. employment effect

These areas represent the spheres of responsibility of project feasibility study team.

The investors are advised to have following information before reaching a final decision about investment in any industry:

  • Demand – supply position and marketing prospects.
  • Price structure and market competition.
  • Financing Sources.
  • Supply position about raw material & and technical know-how.
  • Site where the project is to be established.
  • Availability of infrastructure viz electricity, water, gas, roads, drainage and accessibility to the market etc.

The cost and return on investment mentioned in the profiles are based on estimation which should not be considered as exact and final for the reason that price and inputs keep on changing and cause consequential effect on the cost of the project and economics of production.

These profiles are collective efforts of the Sindh Small Industries Corporation.

Sindh Small Industries Corporation

Sindh Small Industries Corporation (SSIC) was established through an Act No. XXVI- 1972 of Government of Sindh with a mandate to develop & promote Small Industries in Sindh Province as well as to promote Sindh’s Handicrafts.


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