Artisans Colonies

Working Artisans of Sindh Province

In order to provide working facilities to the poor Artisans Sindh Small Industries Corporation has established 08 Artisans Colonies in various cities of Sindh Province, wherein huge number of Artisan Workshops and Artisan Residential Quarters have been constructed and allotted to genuine Artisans free of cost to facilitate them for enhancement of their trade and tradition and to alive their cultural boost.

Detail of Artisan Colonies

Sr. # Name of Artisan Colonies Year of establishment Area in acres Size of w/shops No. of w/shops No. of quarters
1 Kashmore 1992-93 2-1 15′x20′ 10
2 Khairpur

(Civic Center)

1993-94 Approx 1-0

4th Floor Building

15′x20′ 32 Offices

20 Flats

5 Offices vacant
3 Luqman Gate Khairpur 1991-92 8000 sq.ft. 15×15 15
4 Nasarpur 1989-90 0-3 15′x20′ 10
5 T. M. Khan 1989-90 1-0 15′x20′ 30
6 Matiari 1993-94 0-5 15′x20′ 15
7 Bhitshah 1981-82 7-6 15′x20′ 65
8 Mithi 2011-12 30-0 20′x30′





Sindh Small Industries Corporation

Sindh Small Industries Corporation (SSIC) was established through an Act No. XXVI- 1972 of Government of Sindh with a mandate to develop & promote Small Industries in Sindh Province as well as to promote Sindh’s Handicrafts.


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